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Looking for a new coat of interior house paint? We’ve got your back! Our professional interior painters have extensive experience in painting and decorating in the Auckland area. We guarantee the quality of work. Trust no one else but No Limit Painting for your interior painting job! From redoing your interior house paint and painting your ceiling so more light hits to promising a flawless finish on every project, we are the people for your interior job.

Professional Interior Painters

We are setting the standard for other painters in the Auckland region as we provide a range of interior services to best suit your wants and needs. Our specialist team of master painters believe that there is no job that is too big or too small. Any interior paint job for your house or company building is worth creating a painting project for. You can trust the team of professional interior painters at No Limit Painting to provide your interior walls with more light, space and guaranteed to be painted with at least two coats.

What we can do for you

Interior spaces are places that need a lot of lighting to create the idea of more room, especially when there isn’t much of it. Refurbishing your interior house paint can be a classic way to create a more inviting space for visitors. Whether that be through adding wallpaper to contrast the paint, or just adding a new paint colour to the walls could be all that is needed.

Interior House Paint

This is where we come in. As professional interior painters, our team will ensure that you won’t have to worry about anything concerning any interior painting project. Once you hand the interior project over to us and you are happy with your paint or wallpaper colour, we will make sure that every surface has been finished to perfection. From ceilings to walls, smooth paint or if you’re wanting a bit of texture, you can count on us.


Are your walls looking a bit colourless? Wanting to clean up some wall mess to look more professional and light? We offer refurbishments and renovations to houses, apartments, commercial buildings and open floor plan spaces.

Having a fresh coat of interior paint can make all the difference to a room. Choosing the right paint colour, that’s the tricky part! We have a variety of paint colours you can choose from, with most of our clients choosing to go with custom made paints and designs.

To ensure that every individual client gets a superior quality paint job done, we only use the best available paint products. If you’re looking for help with your interior paint, trust no other paint service.

Our professional interior painters are also quite the perfectionists, making sure that no mess is left on any surface when we leave. Building reputable relationships are important to us. This is why we like to build long-lasting relationships with other services, so they can assist you with your project.

Get in contact with our friendly Auckland team today to see how we can assist you with your next painting project. We can help you get in contact with interior designers as well if you are wanting to have a designer point of view.


There are certain requirements and protocols that some apartment or flat managers require to be followed. From painting your apartment ceiling to your walls to make the area have more light, we can do anything you’d like. We make sure that every requirement is followed, the last thing we want for you is an angry manager! Our painters have had many years in painting apartment buildings and know how to handle those tricky apartment managers.
Whether you’re renting, live in a flat or just want a new look, contact us today to see what we can do for your apartment.


Whether you are preparing for a house sale or wanting to bring more light into your house, painting new coats of paint or adding extra colour can make all the difference.

Local Exterior Painters

We understand that trying to paint your house by yourself can be challenging, no matter how big or small the house is. This is where our professional interior painters come in.

At No Limit Painting, we can assure you that while we are painting, nothing will be damaged and we will cover any surfaces and furniture that might get paint on them.

Not to mention, our team always cleans up the mess after the job has finished, leaving you worry-free and stress-free. Keep reading below to see what options we offer within our interior paint services. If you are unsure about anything regarding interior paint or decorating, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Specific interior paint services we offer

The team at No Limit Painting are flexible and can work around your timings, as we know some interior paint jobs have to be done ASAP. We have exceptional paint designs as well as a variety of colours and paint textures for you to choose from.

We promise that our paint and decorating services will provide an immaculate finish and a smooth experience for every home.

Below is a list of specific interior paint services that we can offer you.

  • Interior walls – from nature artwork to classic painting that can contrast other walls, make sure to choose the right paint colour for your room
  • Doors – repainting over stains or old paint for a sheen door finish can make all the difference when entering a room
  • Ceilings – textured paint or painting for more light, making a room appear bigger. (All furniture will be covered!)
  • Rooms -designer paints and a smooth finish, no matter the paint used. Or, you could add wallpaper to the walls to add slightly more texture
  • Skirtings – painting the smallest details define the room!
  • Bathrooms – want a sheen, sleek bathroom look or want to try something completely different? Our team can help you with that, ensuring the walls are painted properly to endure the moisture

Our team can additionally paint an artwork of your choosing on surfaces that are flat and smooth to ensure the best outcome. If you don’t want a specific type of artwork on your wall, we can paint a crisp, classic look or add other interior designs to your walls. We can assure you that no stains will be left on any furniture and no paint will be left on walls or surfaces that aren’t being painted. Ceiling artwork can be arranged, make sure to talk to our team.


Once you have made an initial appointment with our friendly team and once we access the site that is needed to be painted, we will issue a free quote of how much it’ll cost you. Then, once you have agreed to the quote and the exact colours of the paints and the timings of your project, we will begin to work! Every paint job has a project manager that will oversee every aspect. From carrying out regular site visits to ensuring the quality is up to standard, they will help you out with anything and will be available Monday through Friday.

Local Exterior Painters

Entrust No Limit Painting and their Professional Interior Painters for your Interior Paint Jobs

Contact our specialist and experienced team today to see how we can help with your interior paint jobs. From your ceiling to your skirting boards and everywhere in between, we would love to bring your interior paint visions and styles to life! We are versatile and can offer design advice if you are wanting it. We also offer exterior painting and decorating for your house or commercial building. Head over to our exterior painting and decorating page or contact us today.

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